5 big reasons to hire a freelance copywriter

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If you’re a small business, you’ll know that great copy and content are essential to your brand and bottom line. And there’s so much of it to write. There’s that new page for your website, a press release for the papers, and don’t even mention this week’s blog post…

So why don’t you hire a freelance copywriter to help you out? Here are five big reasons to consider it:

1. Your copy will get better results

Would you rewire your own home? Change your own car engine? Or take a pair of scissors to your own hair?

Of course not. So why wouldn’t you call in a pro to write your copy?

Sure, everyone can write. But copywriting’s different from any other writing style. And if you don’t know the principles and techniques, you’re going to struggle to string together powerful sentences that persuade people to buy from you.

Far better to hire a professional copywriter who’s skilled at crafting compelling copy that works. That way, your marketing materials are much more likely to drum up business. Business that could be worth many more times the cost of your investment.

2. You’ll save time (and suffer fewer headaches)

Let’s face it. Writing your own copy and content can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. And you probably have a bazillion other tasks on your to-do list, all vying for attention.

So stop tearing your hair out and find a freelance copywriter. By taking your copy challenges off your hands, we’ll free up your precious hours and energy to focus on everything else. Phew.

3. You’re not the best person to write about your business

Wait a minute. How can this be true? You know your business better than anyone, don’t you?

Yes, but that’s the problem.

The thing is, sometimes you can be too close to your business to write effective copy. Because you know it inside out, you may struggle to write about it from the perspective of those who don’t. Perhaps you use confusing jargon or industry-speak, or find it hard to stay objective.

But a freelance copywriter will see your business with fresh eyes. And because we’ll look at it in the same way as your potential customers, we’ll write about it in clear, engaging way that wins them over.

4. You won’t have to worry about Google

H1 tags. Metadata. Long tail keywords. If these terms leave you scratching your head, then you’d be wise to hire a freelance copywriter to write your website copy and blog posts.

That’s because they’re all elements of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. And it’s vital your web copy is written with this in mind. After all, what’s the point in having a website if your target audience can’t find it when searching for businesses like yours?

The trouble is, SEO can be tricky to get your head around. Plus Google regularly tweaks its algorithm, so the goal posts are constantly changing. But if you hire a copywriter trained in SEO, you won’t need to fret about whether your web copy and content pleases the search engines. We’ll take care of all that for you.

5. Your business won’t be harmed by sloppy spelling or grammar goofs

You simply can’t afford to have mistakes in your copy. For one thing, it looks unprofessional and could put off clients. For another, it may upset Google and hurt your SEO.

So if you don’t know your “their” from your “they’re”, you’d best go looking for a copywriter. Then you can relax, knowing that your reputation and rankings are safe from rogue apostrophes and pesky typos.

Convinced you should hire a freelance copywriter?

Then I could be just the one you’re looking for. Though I’m based in Hertfordshire, modern technology means I can work with you wherever you are. And I’m trained in both copywriting and SEO, so you can trust I know what I’m doing.

To discover how I can help you stand out and sell more, check out my professional copywriting services or get in touch today for a free, no-obligation chat.


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