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Get sparkling blog content to make your business shine (and save you time)

Has your business blog lost its mojo? Are you crying into your coffee trying to write yet another post? Or do you want to start blogging but don’t know where to begin?

Don’t panic. I’m a freelance content writer. And my blog writing services can help you out of your content conundrum.

The power of business blogging

Blogging is a brilliant way to boost your business. This type of content marketing can help you:

  • attract more website visitors
  • turbocharge your SEO and get found on Google
  • grow brand awareness, authority and trust
  • keep your website fresh and updated
  • improve customer engagement and loyalty
  • increase lead generation and sales

Want proof? Well, how about the fact that the average business that blogs gets 55% more website traffic? Or 434% more pages indexed by search engines? (source: Hubspot)

The problem with business blogging

The trouble is, blogging’s a big time commitment. You need to do it regularly to reap all the benefits.

And it takes know-how and inspiration to write engaging, informative, SEO-friendly blog posts that people love to read and share.

Is it any wonder so many business blogs are gathering cyber dust or stay on the to-do list forever?

Use my blog writing services and struggle no more

Whether your business blog is all too much effort or yet to be born, I can help. Fully trained in SEO, I can create quality, Google-friendly blog content for your business on an ad-hoc or regular basis. And with my tip-top research skills and quick learning ability,  you can be confident I can write about any subject and industry.

Outsource your blog writing to me and you’ll get all those juicy blogging benefits without lifting a finger. Even better, you’ll have more time and energy to spend on all those other tasks you needed to get done yesterday.

Want to talk blogging?

Hello! I’m Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

Hello! I’m Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

I write words that sparkle and sell for businesses and charities across the UK. If you want clear, compelling copy for web and print, get in touch.

What my happy clients say...

As an online store in a competitive area, it’s really important we get found on Google. So Lisa helps us whenever we need website copy that’s SEO friendly and makes our gift hampers sound great. Since working with her, we’re thrilled our Google rankings have improved for some of our most important keywords.

Alex Pittas

Director, Ltd

My copywriting services

Website copywriting

Convert visitors into customers with SEO-friendly web copy that both humans and Google love.

Blog writing

Boost your brand awareness and Google rankings with engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts.

Brochure copywriting

Stand out from the crowd and grow your sales with a dazzling brochure or leaflet.

Charity copywriting

Win more support for your good cause with authentic, emotive and compelling communications.

Editing & polishing

Transform your existing copy and content with a professional buff and shine.

Something else?

Need help with an email campaign, case study or other copy challenge? Get in touch and let's chat.

Lisa Harris, freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire

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