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Get sparkling website copywriting that’s loved by people and search engines

Are your web visitors bouncing faster than Tigger? Are you lost on page 174 of Google? Or is your site just not converting clicks into customers?

Don’t worry. I’m an SEO-trained website copywriter. And I can change all that for you.

Web copywriting vs. print copywriting

Your website is your online shopfront. It’s often the very first encounter a potential customer will have with your business. So it needs to make a great impression.

And like all good copy, the words on it must persuade the reader to buy, enquire or take whatever action you want them to take.

But copywriting for the web is very different from copywriting for print. Why? Well, here are two big reasons:

1. People are super impatient online

You have just seconds to hook and reel in your reader from the sea of websites out there. Then you need to keep them on your pages instead of clicking away onto a competitor’s.

The key? Copy that’s engaging, punchy and easy to digest. (Because people tend to scan webpages, not read every word.)

2. Website copy needs to be SEO friendly

Your web copy should always be written for humans first. But you need to make sure it’s optimised for search engines too.

In other words, it needs all the right SEO thingamabobs – like keywords, metadata and HTML header tags. Or how else will everyone find you on Google?

In short, writing for the web is a skill

It takes both copywriting savvy and SEO know-how. Get it wrong, and you’ll miss out on business. But get it right, and your website has the power to be your best sales and marketing tool.

Hire this website copywriter and get it right

It doesn’t matter whether you need a whole new website or just the odd page or two. Use my website copywriting services and you’ll get clear, compelling and SEO-friendly web copy that helps:

  • boost your search engine ranking so you’re found by more people
  • drive traffic to your website and keep visitors browsing
  • improve your conversion rates and sales/donations

And thanks to my comprehensive training in SEO, you can trust I really do know how to write webpages that please both people and Google.

Want web copy that dazzles?

Hello! I’m Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

Hello! I’m Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

I write words that sparkle and sell for businesses and charities across the UK. If you want clear, compelling copy for web and print, get in touch.

What my happy clients say...

As an online store in a competitive area, it’s really important we get found on Google. So Lisa helps us whenever we need website copy that’s SEO friendly and makes our gift hampers sound great. Since working with her, we’re thrilled our Google rankings have improved for some of our most important keywords.

Alex Pittas

Director, Ltd

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