What can you write?

Anything where the aim is to engage and persuade. That includes websites, blog posts, email marketing, product descriptions, sales/landing pages, e-newsletters, brochures, direct mail, case studies and more. If you’re not sure whether I can help with your project, just ask. If I don’t feel I’m the right person for the job, I’ll refer you to someone who might be a better fit.

Have you written for my industry before?

I’ve written for all sorts of B2C and B2B industries: from finance and technology, to tourism and e-commerce. But I’m a keen researcher and quick learner, so I can write great copy even if I’m unfamiliar with your sector. I’ll ask you (and Google!) all the right questions to make sure I fully understand your industry, business and audience.

In fact, not knowing too much about your industry beforehand can be a good thing. It means I’ll approach your project with fresh eyes and few preconceived ideas.

How does it all work?

You can find a handy guide to my process here.

What are your rates?

I charge a fixed fee for most projects. This makes your budgeting easier as you’ll know the costs upfront, with no nasty surprises at the end. I don’t have set prices as every project is different, so get in touch for a personalised quote.

Are you expensive?

My rates are a little above average for a UK freelance copywriter. They reflect the value I bring my clients thanks to my skills, experience and training, as well as the great service I offer.

Can you find someone less expensive? Definitely. But as with all things in life, you reap what you sow. And don’t forget: the true cost of cheap copy may be far greater than the low rates you’re charged. Your business could end up paying in lost custom and a ruined brand.

How long will it take?

This depends on your project and my schedule. We can agree some timescales together at the briefing stage.

Can you work with my web developer/graphic designer?

I’m happy to liaise with other suppliers working on the same project. But just let me know when you enquire as this may affect my quote.

Can I brief you in writing instead of over the phone?

I prefer to take the brief via phone or video call. This’ll help me get the best understanding of your business and needs. But if you’d really rather brief me in writing, I can send you a form to complete. Just be aware that I may need to ask further questions once I’ve reviewed your answers.

What if I don't like what you've written?

This is pretty unlikely as I’ll make sure I get a good brief. But in case you’re not 100% keen on the first draft, I offer two free rounds of revisions (light edits) to make sure you’re completely happy with the finished copy.

Can you just finesse my existing copy?

Of course. As well as writing copy from scratch, I can take what you’ve already got and give it a professional polish.

Do you work on retainer?

I offer “bundle” packages for clients with regular copywriting needs, like blog posts or e-newsletters. Contact me to discuss.

Can we meet in person?

Meetings aren’t usually necessary. I work with my clients remotely via phone, email and video call. But if you’re local to St Albans and keen to meet, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

What if I'm not in Hertfordshire?

No problem. I can work with you remotely via phone, email and video call, so it really doesn’t matter where you’re based. My clients come from across the UK.

Why "Crystal Copy"?

Because I pride myself on writing crystal clear copy that’s easy to read and understand. I can’t stand endless waffle, confused messages and meaningless jargon. Urgh.

Bourbon or Custard Cream?

The mighty Bourbon, obviously. But a triple chocolate chunk cookie trumps all…

I'm interested in hiring you. What do I do next?

Great! Just get in touch and we can take it from there.

Got a different question? Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
Hello! I'm Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

Hello! I'm Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

I write words that sparkle and sell for businesses and charities across the UK. If you want clear, compelling copy for web and print, get in touch.

Want copywriting that works?

Lisa Harris, freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire

For a no-obligation chat, call 07751 253127 or send a message.

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