How I work

If you’ve never hired a freelance copywriter before, you may not know what to expect. And even if you have, we all do things slightly differently. So here’s a handy guide to my copywriting process:

Step 1: Enquiry

When you first get in touch, I’ll ask a few questions about your business and the copywriting project you need help with.

Step 2: Proposal and quote

I’ll put together and email you a proposal. This’ll outline the project scope, timescales and costs. You’ll also find my T&Cs for you to check.

Step 3: Agreement and deposit

If you’re happy and want to go ahead, you’ll need to e-sign the proposal and pay a 50% deposit. (N.B. For small projects I may ask for full payment upfront.)

Step 4: Brief

Once you’ve signed and paid, we’ll have an in-depth briefing call via phone or Skype. I’ll ask lots of questions to drill down into the nitty gritty of your business and project. The better I understand what you do and what you want, the better the copy you’ll get.

Step 5: Research

I’ll do any necessary background and competitor research. I’ll also ask you to send me any materials and information I need to do the job.

Step 6: First draft and revisions

I’ll get cracking with a first draft and send this to you within the agreed timescales. You’ll then have the opportunity to come back to me with any minor edits you’d like.

Step 7: Second draft and revisions

If you’ve requested any revisions to the first draft, I’ll make the changes and send you a second draft. You’ll have another chance to request more small amends.

Step 8: Finished copy and final payment

I’ll send you your finished copy, along with a sign-off form for you to complete. I’ll also invoice you for any remaining balance. As soon as you’ve paid, the copy officially becomes yours to use as you wish.

Step 9: High fives!

We celebrate a successful project and look forward to working together again.

Want to get started?

Hello! I'm Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

Hello! I'm Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

I write words that sparkle and sell for businesses and charities across the UK. If you want clear, compelling copy for web and print, get in touch.

Lisa Harris, freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire

For a no-obligation chat, call 07751 253127 or send a message.

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