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Get a brochure that sparkles and sells

Even in this digital age, the humble brochure still has an important place in your marketing toolkit. It can make you stand out from your competitors and send your sales skywards.

But only if it does more than just look nice…

A beautiful glossy brochure that’s riddled with typos, saturated with waffle and overflowing with jargon won’t do anything for your image or bottom line.

Nor will one that fails to connect with your reader and convince them enquire, buy or do whatever it is you want them to do.

And without an attention-grabbing front cover that compels people to pick it up and turn the pages? Well, you might as well have never bothered in the first place.

Don’t forget, brochures stick around for a long time

They lie on tables, get passed about or are filed away. And once they’re out in the world, they can’t be taken back.

Get your brochure copywriting wrong, and your reputation and sales could take a big hit.

So find a professional brochure copywriter to do the job right

If you want a brilliant brochure that shows you off and gets results, I’m here to help.

Use my brochure copywriting services and you’ll get clear, concise and compelling brochure copy that:

  • attracts, speaks to and engages your target audience
  • communicates your USP and the benefits of your products/services
  • persuades readers to take your desired action, like send you an enquiry or visit your website

And if you need a leaflet, flyer or poster instead? No problem. I can write great copy for that too.

Want a brochure that wows?

Hello! I’m Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

Hello! I’m Lisa Rogers, a freelance copywriter in Hertfordshire.

I write words that sparkle and sell for businesses and charities across the UK. If you want clear, compelling copy for web and print, get in touch.

What my happy clients say...

“Lisa has been fundamental in creating the very first fundraising pack for The OLLIE Foundation. She was incredibly quick in getting to grips with our requirements and produced brilliant copy – spot on first time. We’re delighted with the finished pack and would thoroughly recommend Lisa as a fantastic copywriter.”

Helen Redding

Trustee, The OLLIE Foundation

 “I worked with Lisa to create a major piece of printed communication for a youth suicide charity. She understood the complexities of the task and delivered words which not only captured the spirit of fundraising but conveyed the subject matter with empathy. She was also proactive with suggestions to make sure the end result delivered. And it has!”

Nick Pettit

Graphic designer, Nick Pettit Design

My copywriting services

Website copywriting

Convert visitors into customers with SEO-friendly web copy that both humans and Google love.

Blog writing

Boost your brand awareness and Google rankings with engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts.

Brochure copywriting

Stand out from the crowd and grow your sales with a dazzling brochure or leaflet.

Charity copywriting

Win more support for your good cause with authentic, emotive and compelling communications.

Editing & polishing

Transform your existing copy and content with a professional buff and shine.

Something else?

Need help with an email campaign, case study or other copy challenge? Get in touch and let's chat.

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